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REVIVE - A Recovery Ministry for all people and all life's challenges. 


We seek to offer all people a place to be honest and vulnerable in our difficulties, transgressions, or traumas so that the Savior of the world might replace those vulnerabilities with newfound strength in Jesus.

We've all got "stuff".  Revive brings together a community of people from all walks of life to deal with the issues of life through the 12 steps, upheld through scripture and a relationship with Jesus Christ.  All are welcome!

Every Wednesday at 6:30pm at our Johnson Ave campus location!

What to expect:

6:00pm people start gathering for some fellowship.  This includes a free meal if you'd like it...or just some time to catch up with others in the community.

6:30pm we begin our large group worship service.  This is made up of worship & praise, prayer, and a sermon or testimony.  Once a month we have Pin Night to celebrate our milestones in "recovery".  We have a dynamic group of pastors and guest speakers you will be sure to love.

Just know this....No matter your pain or your struggle, this service is for you.  Marital challenges, past traumas, anxiety, matter what it will find freedom and connection.

Every Wednesday evening @ 6:30pm (Dinner @ 6:00pm)

323 Johnson Ave (beside Bridgeport Middle School)

Find us on Facebook @REVIVEBridgeport

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Services led by Rev. Ben Randolph and team of faithful volunteers. 

Join the team - find connection.

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