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REVIVE - A Recovery Ministry for all people and all life's challenges. 


We are a body of believers, new and mature, young and old, gathering to do the work of Christ by being welcoming to all people who seek a safe, open, understanding, and loving place.  We seek to offer all people a place to be vulnerable in their transgressions, difficulties, or traumas so that the Savior of the world might replace those vulnerabilities with newfound strength in Jesus.

Every Wednesday at 6:30pm at our Johnson Ave campus location!

We'll have live worship and dynamic speakers and preachers to talk about dealing with life on life's terms.  No matter your pain or your struggle, this service is for you.  Marital challenges, past traumas, anxiety, matter what it will find a place to find freedom to share in confidence.

Opportunities for Service - Every Wednesday evening @ 6:30pm:

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Services led by Rev. Ben Randolph and team of faithful volunteers. 

Join the team - find connection.

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