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“Children are a gift from God.”  Psalm 127

Bridgeport United Methodist Church Preschool believes each child is a person of value and needs to be nurtured as a child of God.  Our purpose is to meet the needs of each child within a safe Christian environment. 


*Our Pre-K 4–5-year-olds class offers learning centers, art activities, music, literature and pre-kindergarten skills designed for children entering kindergarten the following year.  Classes meet for 2 ½-hours per session 3 or 5 times a week.


*Our Early Learner 3s offer classes that help to develop learning skills through activities in the block center, housekeeping center, sandbox, in art, stories and music.  Classes meet for 2-hour sessions twice a week.


*Our Creative Twos classes are intended for children who are ready for structured activities in a group setting. Social opportunities are presented where each child can make friends and learn cooperation and taking turns.  Classes meet for 1 ½ -hour sessions twice a week.

Preschool Teacher and Students
Kindergarten Classroom

Each child will be helped to grow in the areas of spiritual, emotional, social, mental and physical development.  BUMC Preschool was founded in 1980 and continues to be a vital source in the community.


For more information we can be reached at 304-842-8633 or by email at

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