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Welcome to Bridgeport United Methodist Church.  Our mission is simple:

We are a community of faith focused on being in ministry with and for the last, the lonely, and the left out.  Jesus said, "When you do it to the least of these, you do it unto me." (Matthew 25: 40). This is our primary work.  Please join us as we strengthen ourselves for the task in worship, prayer, and study then go forth to serve in Matthew 25 Ministries.

How can you play a part in this mission?  Explore this site and discover for yourself what our church has to offer.  Take the time on your own and with others to examine the meaning of your faith. And, finally, join us at one of our two Bridgeport Campus locations for any of our services...for a celebration of faith and worship of the living God!


Our vision is to fulfill our mission for Jesus Christ faithfully and fruitfully. We seek to offer a Savior whose love can transform lives and transform the world. Being a Matthew 25 church means that every believer sees himself or herself as a minister for Jesus Christ in the world and is willing to no longer live for self but for the One who gave Himself for all. 


Saturday     6:15pm @ Worthington Drive

Sunday        8:30am @ Worthington Drive

Sunday        10:45am @ Worthington Drive

Sunday        9:45am @ Johnson Ave

Wednesday 6:30pm @ Revive Service

Sunday         10:00am @ Maplewood



251 Worthington Ave, Bridgeport WV

- 8:30am & 10:45am Sunday

- 6:15pm Saturday


323 Johnson Ave, Bridgeport, WV

- 9:45am Sunday

- 6:30pm Wednesday (Revive Recovery)


At Bridgeport United Methodist, we engage in intentional acts of worship, study, fellowship, and service extending our witness beyond the walls of our beautifully facility into our community and world.  

How do you get connected?  Start with an intentional plan to simply keep coming back.  We are confident our Father will take care of the rest, guiding and ordering our steps to a connected Faith.

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